What Does a Temp Agency Do?

Temp agencies provide businesses with access to skilled workers for short-term assignments, and jobseekers with opportunities to earn income and experience different industries and roles. They are subject to numerous employment laws, including minimum wage and overtime pay, workplace safety, and anti-discrimination protections. Temp agencies may also be subject to international labor standards and immigration laws when placing workers outside their country of origin.

A euworkers.fr will review an applicant’s resume and conduct a basic interview to determine their strengths and weaknesses. They will then assign temporary workers to client companies based on demand and their skill sets. Agencies will typically have a number of candidates to choose from and conduct a short skill confirmation check with the candidate before assigning them to a job.

How to Choose the Right Temporary Workers Agency

Many employers use temps to fill in for absent full-time employees or during peak times of business when their regular staff is already working at full capacity. Temp agencies are also used to supplement workforces for projects that require specialized skills.

Temporary workers should receive adequate training from their host company to familiarize them with site and task-specific requirements. Safety and health training should include hazard identification and control, emergency procedures and reporting, OSHA regulations, and proper use of equipment. In addition, a negotiated contract should establish the terms of employment and compensation. A confidentiality agreement may be required if the temps will see sensitive information that could be brought to other employers or competitors.

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