UPenn Housing – A Close Look

For most students, UPenn is an amazing place to be. Whether you spend your time in Van Pelt Library or on Locust Walk, it’s hard to imagine leaving. But life isn’t like that for all of us, and some people are stuck at Penn forever.URL: https://universitycityapartments.com/

Is it cheaper to live on or off campus at UPenn?

As a new school year begins, many freshmen and returning students are settling into their campus homes. Some will be in the newly built Gutmann dormitory, which offers single bedrooms with spacious living areas and study rooms, while others will be in buildings that have seen better days. In a recent article for YIMBY, Alex Baxter takes a close look at upenn housing, and finds a system that provides both luxury and substandard accommodations, depending on where you live.

He writes that students pay high rent prices for living in buildings that are sometimes afflicted with problems, such as rodent sightings in Kings Court English House or flooding at Harrison. Baxter suggests that Penn should either lower the rent for those in these substandard facilities, or allow them to move off-campus, which would save the university money and show a commitment to its students’ wellbeing.

Despite the high cost of on-campus housing, many students choose to remain at Penn for more than just four years. Some alums have even decided to make Philadelphia their permanent home. Here are some of their stories.

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