The Mastclimber – A Safe and Cost-Effective Alternative to Scaffolding

For bricklayers, masons, and cladding contractors, the mastclimber is one of the most valuable modern methods of access. As a vertically travelling motorised platform that moves up and down one or more masts, the mast climber makes it easier to work at height and complete projects on time and on budget.

Mast climbers are a safe and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding. They can be used alone or in combination with a scaffold solution and reduce installation/ dismantling time substantially. They can also be adapted to suit curved facades, as well as being designed to wrap around corners.

As with scaffold, it is essential that workers are properly trained in the use of a particular mastclimber model and the safety measures associated with it. These include tying the device off at the appropriate intervals, carefully loading the platform to maintain balance, and setting up an anchor point for the mast climber.

Mastclimber Technology: Innovations in Vertical Access

This is why you must partner with a specialist who can provide this training. Those who are not fully trained could lose control of the machine, tipping the unit over and potentially dangling workers several stories from the ground.

While there have been some fatal accidents with mast climbers, these are much rarer than scaffolding incidents. It’s important that workers are mindful of the risks at all times, and are not distracted or tempted to ‘have a go’. Taking regular breaks, maintaining a level of concentration and ensuring they are always looking at their environment is paramount.

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