Customer Service at Ryanair

Ryanair is Europe’s biggest budget airline and is infamous for two things – 1) mindbendingly cheap flights 2) equally mindbending restrictions/customer service. Fly smartly and you can get your seat for the price of a sandwich – but if you don’t follow their rules carefully (like misspelling your name, making sure your cabin bag is within limits, printing your boarding pass in advance etc) you can expect to pay 10x the flight cost on extras like airport check in, checked baggage, food or I’m sure soon enough oxygen.

How do I contact Ryanair airlines?

Last year Ryanair was hit with numerous consumer complaints for everything from rude staff, canceled flights, hidden fees and more. The airline’s reputation for poor customer service is well established, and it can often feel like a black hole when you need to contact the company. The most common complaints about customer service ryanair are related to delays or cancellations. It’s not uncommon for these issues to happen, especially during peak travel season, and they can be very frustrating for travelers. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, offer better customer service during busy times.

While it isn’t surprising to see companies like banks and energy providers performing poorly in terms of customer service, it is disappointing to see an airline like Ryanair get such a low score. People spend a lot of money with their utility providers and on airfares, so it’s important for companies to prioritize good customer service.

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