An Aluminium Shop Front Will Enhance Your Retail Premises

An aluminium shop front will enhance your retail premises, and encourage more consumers into your business. It is a stylish option that allows large areas of glass to let natural light flood in. It can be customised to incorporate your logo, signage and branding and will last for many years to come.

This type of shop front will also be more secure than alternatives. It can be fitted with an advanced locking system and impact-resistant glazing. This will protect your valuable products and equipment and communicate a high level of security for both employees and customers.

A wide range of glazed options are available for your shopfront, from standard clear toughened glass, tinted or coloured glass, self-cleaning glass and frosted glass. There is even the option to install double glazed for additional energy efficiencies.

Transforming Storefronts: The Advantages of Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminium is a lightweight material that is able to resist corrosion and abrasion, making it a great choice for your shopfront. It can be shaped and coloured to match your brand and aesthetic, and is easy to maintain. It will stand up to the weather and be resistant to rust and corrosion for many years to come.

Many commercial businesses store expensive tools, merchandise and petty cash in their premises, so it’s important to ensure that your shop front is able to stand up to the elements. An aluminium shop front can be fitted with a curtain walling system for added protection from wind and rain. It can also be fitted with an automatic door, helping to make your premises more accessible for a wheelchair or push chair users.

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