ATEX Model MI405 NH3 Meter

Ammonia (NH3) gas detectors play a nh3 meter role in maintaining the safety of poultry farms and cold storage. Providing real-time measurements, ammonia gas monitors alert users when ammonia levels exceed safe thresholds to prevent exposure and potential damage. Choose from a wide selection of ammonia nh3 meters including ATEX models for hazardous environments.

NH3 emission factors are a key factor in predicting vehicular nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter emissions, but are currently not included in Real Driving Emissions (RDE) evaluation procedures. This study demonstrated that a portable Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Portable FTIR) can provide high-quality measurement data to support NH3 RDE evaluations.

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This nh3 meter provides infrared absorption spectra every 3 s, which were deconvolved to calculate concentrations of NH3, NOx and CO2. The instrument was located a minimum distance of 1 km from local emission sources for NH3 molar fraction and flux measurements, as local emissions introduce significant biases in observations when model transport equations are solved at kilometer scale resolutions using parameterized turbulence (Wichink Kruit et al., 2022).

MI405 combines a lightweight design with simple reagent packets for ease of use and maintenance. A unique indexing indent on the meter helps ensure that the cuvette is indexed consistently and maintains the same path length for accurate results. It also features a large digital display and easy 1-2-3 instruction steps for user convenience. The meter is built to withstand environmental extremes with a stainless steel body, EPR seals and a gasketed case.

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